Our logo was designed by Juan Castillo. Juan was not familiar with the cognitive sciences, but he patiently listened to me for hours on end while I waxed (not very) poetically about the beauty and intricacies of research in the sciences of the mind. We went through several iterations of discussion and design and finally settled on the design that you see here. The Necker Cube is a classic example of perceptual ambiguity and unstable perception. In various forms ambiguity permeates all of our perceptual and cognitive systems, which makes the Necker Cube a fitting basis for the logo. Cognitive science has many sub-disciplines and we hope that the interactions between these areas are captured in Juan's final design.

Juan passed away on August 25, 2013. He was a kind and gentle person and he will be greatly missed. -PA

deepnecker-4 small_copy.png